The Beirut port explosion on August 4th 2020 was an epitome of corruption and negligence leading us to come together in a moment of tragedy. We felt it was our obligation to work together to break the cycles of misery and corruption that had caused this disaster.

Khaddit Beirut aims to co-build local alternatives, best practices, and growth opportunities that ensures the wellbeing and dignity of the inhabitants of Lebanon.



As a grassroots initiative, Khaddit Beirut applies an agile, evidence-based, inclusive, and holistic approach driven by local needs, accountable to people, and focused on sustainable solutions in the areas of community health, education, environmental health, and local business.

Together with the community and with our world-wide team of experts, we began work on August 5th to develop a community-driven roadmap. In all our interventions and impact areas, we follow a seven-step process:



A group of us activists, scholars, experts and students from Lebanon and beyond decided to put our expertise into action to serve the vision and mission of Khaddit Beirut.