The Community Health is made of a team of experts working together to set a model for providing community-engaged, comprehensive care to targeted communities.
Since August 4 2020, this team did the following:


  1. A comprehensive assessment of the healthcare needs of the Karantina community.
  2. Supporting the healthcare services in the Karantina Primary Healthcare Center; e.g. obtained supplies from the ICRC.
  3. Establishing a nurse-managed clinic for chronically ill patients in Karantina through an inter-professional team.
  4. Launched a municipality-driven COVID-19 response plan that included training of the nurses and medical doctors volunteering to serve their communities.


Primary Healthcare Center in Karantina

Community Right to Health

  • Coordinated with the Ministry of Public Health the access to PHC
  • Solicited the support of the International Red Cross to replenish the lost equipment and tools
  • Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Karantina hospital administration
  • Supported Karantina Hospital PHC with students and trainees to deliver service
  • Mobilized AUB/AUBMC professional health workers
  • Collaborated with the Lebanese University- Family medicine residents
  • Raised health awareness through active participation
  • To read more about this project click here

COVID-19 Task Force

  • Developed a framework for COVID Task force units
  • Developed a COVID management guidebook
  • Established a training program for local nurses and doctors
  • Established a Hotline for AUBMC
  • Collaborated with the COVID-19 ministerial committee on the municipality initiative
  • Collaborated with NGOs on a Vaccine awareness campaign on social media
  • Supported a Vaccine registration drive