The Community Health is made of a team of experts working together to set a model for providing community-engaged, comprehensive care to targeted communities.
Since August 4 2020, this team did the following:


  1. A comprehensive assessment of the healthcare needs of the Karantina community.
  2. Supporting the healthcare services in the Karantina Primary Healthcare Center; e.g. obtained supplies from the ICRC.
  3. Establishing a nurse-managed clinic for chronically ill patients in Karantina through an inter-professional team.
  4. Launched a municipality-driven COVID-19 response plan that included training of the nurses and medical doctors volunteering to serve their communities.


COVID-19 Response


  1. Developed a framework for COVID Task force units
  2. Developed a COVID management guidebook
  3. Established a training program for local nurses and doctors
  4. Established a Hotline for AUBMC
  5. Collaborated with the COVID-19 ministerial committee on the municipality initiative
  6. Collaborated with NGOs on a Vaccine awareness campaign on social media
  7. Supported a Vaccine registration drive

Primary Healthcare Center in Karantina


  1. Coordinated with the Ministry of Public Health the access to PHC
  2. Solicited the support of the International Red Cross to replenish the lost equipment and tools
  3. Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Karantina hospital administration
  4. Supported Karantina Hospital PHC with students and trainees to deliver service
  5. Mobilized AUB/AUBMC professional health workers
  6. Collaborated with the Lebanese University- Family medicine residents

Community Right to Health


  1. Raised health awareness through active participation