Because we believe the most important part of an Indie Game is its team, we've reworked our courses to allow each individual to focus on their specialty.


To achieve this, we’ve created different tracks: Art (2D and 3D), Audio Design, Development, Game Design, and Narrative.


Each participants will be required to attend the fundamental course of each individual track, as well as a few miscellaneous courses, and the courses of their chosen tracks.


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Introductory Session

A general assembly to welcome all attendees, featuring breakdown of Gaming Academy 2.0 along with a Q&A at the end.

Gaming Academy Team.

June 15



Game Design Fundamentals

An introduction to game design: learn how to think about creating games, finding the fun in them, and basics of core game loops, as well as an introduction to the tools designers use.

Fawzi Mesmar.

June 17


Strategy Game Design

Learn to what goes into designing strategy games, from handling feedback to protecting players from themselves.

Soren Johnson.

July 21


Game Design: Core Concepts

Introduction and deep dive into core game creation subjects, from concepts to core mechanics.

Ali Kattouaa.

July 1


Designing Through Maths and Art

Designing games inspired by Maths and Art. In this talk I explain my approach to designing innovative games which are inspired by Islamic art and based on mathematical systems.

Mahdi Bahrami.

July 5


Designing for Accessibility

Learn some tools to help make your games more accessible and bridge the disability divide, in order to give as many players as possible the best opportunity of completely experiencing your game.

Tarja Porkka-Kontturi.

July 12



Development Fundamentals

Introduction to game development, learn the basics of what goes into creating gameplay mechanics and systems through the use of the Unity game engine.

Mo'tasem Zakkarneh.
June 20


Unity Deep Dive #1

Basic programming and game creation, setting variables and using them. The discussion will also lead to explain functions and how they tie in with game development as a whole.

Fouad Abou Harfouche.
June 27


Unity Deep Dive #2

A deeper dive into Unity; learn how to create and manipulate game objects through code.

Fouad Abou Harfouche.
June 30


AI for Games

A farther dive into enemies and their creation, along with the use of animation and sound

Mo'tasem Zakkarneh.
July 6

2D Art


2D Art Fundamentals

Introduction to 2D game art. Create your first character, learn the importance of colors, animations and user interfaces in game art and design.

Samir Kazah.
June 21


Character and Environmental Art

Character creation and ideation session. Learn how to give personality to your characters, and how to convey information about them through their design, as well as creating backgrounds, props, and telling stories through game art.

Dahlia Khodur.
June 27


2D Animation

Learn the fundamentals of hand drawn animation and create your own.

Alaa Fleifel.
July 6

3D Art


3D Modeling

Learn 3D modeling basics and creating characters and items for games

Bassem B.
June 28


3D Rigging and Animations

Learn the basics of how to rig and animate 3D characters for games.

Youssef Darwich.
July 4


Lighting and VFX

Learn how to use lighting and visual effect systems to bring your characters and world to life.

Karim Aboushousha.
July 13



Narrative Fundamentals

Write stories for games and design narratives. Build your game world from the background of the characters to the entirety of the world, and focus on making everything as cohesive as possible through this session.

Jenna Yow.
June 24


Character Writing

Learn how create compelling characters for your game, from protagonists to NPCs.

Ashraf Abi Said.
June 30


Narrative Design

Learn about narrative design, how it’s different from story writing, and how to design the narrative elements of a game.

Ashraf Abi Said.
July 4


Representation in Games

Representation in games - with a focus on the MENA region - why it matters, and why you should tell your own story

Ashraf Abi Said.
July 13

Audio Design


Music Fundamentals

Introduction on how music in games works (Adaptive music). Basics of Audacity and Composition

Mika Zahar.
June 22


Game Music and SFX

Learn to integrate music and sound effects into game engines.

Mika Zahar.
June 28


Adaptive Audio #1

Intro to interactive audio using FMOD. Learn about Resequencing/Branching, layering sounds, 3D sounds, interactive music and sound triggers

Mika Zahar.
July 5


Adaptive Audio #2

How to integrate FMOD into Unity. Randomization. Advanced horizontal resequencing and vertical layering

Mika Zahar.
July 8

General Courses


How to Run a Game Business

Learn the basics of running your game studio as a business and organizing your team for maximum productivity.

Rami Ismail.

June 29


Teamwork Fundamentals

Add productivity to your toolset through using tools like GitHub and working under an agile methodology. The session will also have a team formation session at the end for participants not yet in a team looking to collaborate with each other.

Gaming Academy Team.

July 12


Localization in the Arab world

Learn about game localization and selling successful games to the right audience.

Tammatem Games

July 15


Game Pitching

Pitching your game: what makes a good game pitch? Learn how to write a pitch deck, secure funding, and market yourself.

Leyla Johnson.

July 12


Game Industry

A general lecture about the games industry. Learn about the current state of the industry, from AAA to indie development, game jams. It shall also discuss the common pitfalls of working in games and what to look out for when looking for a job at a game company.

Leyla Johnson.

July 8


From Prototyping to Marketing

How do you manage your game project? Lean what it takes to take a game from being just a concept to your favorite store front in a sustainable way, as well as the keys to having a successful game launch.

Leyla Johnson.

July 13