About Gaming Academy 2.0

Are you an aspiring game developer from the MENA region?


Sign up for the Gaming Academy before June 15th! Anyone can join for free now!


The Gaming Academy is an event targeting the MENA region to help you learn how to make games! Through a series of free courses, it teaches everything you need to know from development to design, art, music, and storytelling. Make sure to share this out with all your friends interested in the field of game making!


Courses will be given primarily in English. After all the sessions have concluded, you will have a chance to present a game idea to a team of judges that will match you with a mentor if you are selected!


To be eligible to enter the Gaming Academy you must be over 17


Participants with interests in fields such as art, music, development, or storytelling can join the academy individually or in teams of up to 5 members.


Game making experience optional, game creating motivation required!


Local and world renowned experts will be training the attendees and mentoring the teams.