Gaming Academy gives its participants, both beginners and intermediates, theoretical and practical knowledge that will help push them forward on their game development journey by bringing in professionals from AAA and indie studios to give sessions on development, design, art, storytelling & business.


This year we're doing things a little differently.


Our curriculum will center around using this summer to have all the participants build a platformer using Unity, so they can more easily share their work and collaborate.


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Introductory Session

A general assembly to welcome all attendees, featuring breakdown of Gaming Academy 3.0 along with a Q&A at the end.

Gaming Academy Team.

July 5


Intro to Game Design

An introduction to game design: learn how to think about creating games, finding the fun in them, and basics of core game loops, as well as an introduction to the tools designers use.

Fawzi Mesmar.

July 6


Pitching to Publishers

Learn what goes into making a good game pitch, and how to sell your game to publishers.

Rami Ismail.

July 7


Unity 101

Introduction to game development, learn the basics of what goes into creating gameplay mechanics and systems through the use of the Unity game engine.

Kotob Mohamad.
July 8


Team Building

Learn the importance of team work in game development, and the tools that facilitate teamwork. The session will also have a team formation session at the end for participants not yet in a team looking to collaborate with each other.


July 10



Write stories for games and design narratives. Build your game world from the background of the characters to the entirety of the world, and focus on making everything as cohesive as possible through this session.

Jenna Yow.
July 11


Game Design: Flow Theory

Introduction to flow theory in game design.

Osama Dorias.

July 12


Character art for games

Introduction to 2D game art. Create your first character, learn the importance of colors, animations and user interfaces in game art and design.

July 14


Project Management

Add productivity to your toolset through the use of project management tools.


July 17


Level Design

Learn what goes into creating interesting and fun level.

Nicolas Oueijan.

July 18


Pixel Art


Learn techniques for creating beautiful pixel art for your games.

Omar Khouri
July 20


Level Creation

A deeper dive into Unity; learn how to create levels using tilemaps

Kotob Mohamad.
July 21


Narrative Design


Learn about narrative design, how it’s different from story writing, and how to design the narrative elements of a game.

Jenna Yow.
July 24


Music Fundamentals

Learn the basics of music, notes, and chords

Mika Zahar.
July 27


2D Animation

Learn the fundamentals of hand drawn animation and create your own.

Alaa Fleifel.
July 28


UI and Events in Unity

Learning how different game systems communicate

Kotob Mohamad.
July 31


Visual Effects

Learn the basics of creating visual effects.

August 1


Basic Enemy AI for Games

A deep dive into non player character AI and their creation

Kotob Mohamad.
August 3


Marketing your skills

Learn about the games industry, from AAA to indie development, the common pitfalls of working in games, and what to look out for when looking for a job at a game company.

Rami Ismail.

August 7


Environmental art

Learn the fundamentals of creating immersive environments for games, from backgrounds to props, and how to tell stories through game art.

August 8


Sounds effects for games

Learn to create sound effects.

Mika Zahar.
August 10


Game Polish

Learn how to add music and effects to bring your game to the next level

Kotob Mohamad.
August 11