Gaming Academy

1.Comfy Games

Hello! We are Lynn Serhan and Youssef Darwich from Comfy Games, and we are currently working on our first game, Diminuendo.


We’ve learned a lot about game production in the last year. The workshops were an excellent introduction for ambitious game developers who enjoy both creating and playing a variety of games.

We met with our mentor, Daniel, on a weekly basis for general mentorship and advice. We have also consulted other educators and mentors, and they were of amazing assistance.  Nuha helped us with storytelling, Alaa helped us with animation, and Ashraf helped us with technical issues and Unity tips.


Unfortunately, as seniors in college, we have a full schedule of assignments and finals. However, we are looking forward to getting back to work on our little lovely creation throughout the holidays.


Progress on Diminuendo:
– main characters’ art and backstories
– background and environment art for many scenes
– essential UI art
– complete outilne of the story
– some of the dialogue
– primary mechanics, such as interacting with objects, inventory, movement, and dialogue, have been coded and implemented

The Team



Game Images


In these past few months, we’ve managed to make a working prototype of our first area, composed of about 21 unique rooms, complete with platforming challenges including levers, spikes and doors, all using a small collection of decorative assets, two tile maps, and including 5 unique enemies.


We’ve tried our best to perfect our physics and movement, and our core abilities, those being the boomerang and its own movement, as well as the teleport.


We’ve added a healing component, as well as checkpoints, which serve as respawn points upon death. We’ve also created the first draft of our map system as well as our game saving system.


We’ve composed a main theme, and an ambience for our initial area which changes depending on how deep into the map the player is. We also have nice number of new sounds effects, including doors opening and closing, a player voice upon attacking or jumping, and an attack sound effect.


Our current plan is to fill up this area, with distinct subareas and at least one boss, hidden behind which, there will be a powerup, and to turn in a working prototype that looks as polished as it can be, with good gameplay.


To check our demo click here


The Team




3.We Exist

We are Juneid Makarem, Rawad Batrawi, Hadi Chamli, and Khalil Aylabouni.


Our game is called Animus, its a story about a chosen prophet who is sent to a parallel universe to fulfill a long forgotten prophecy.
” When he who can wield the crystal blade arrives at the temple of eternity, Balance shall be restored or forever lost”


The game is an action adventure fighting game with few elements of platforming and emphasis on progressive storytelling
the story takes place 765 years after the black pit war
The world consist of floating islands, and ancient ruins of a once magnificent civilization , all surrounded by gigantic clouds as far as the eyes can see.


We made the first level with trees and temple structures that we made
We got character movement and we are currently working on combat , enemies and their Ai
we have a main menu and functioning menu system


we are aiming to have a full playable level with enemies , pick ups and an end goal by a month

Game Images


Since our team Orcade was selected as a winner, we set out to work on our game, Truffle Kerfuffle, despite external and internal challenges. Our character artist has started working on the animations for the main character, after which the enemies will be animated and NPCs added with idle animations.


On the functionality side, we have a working platform collision system and our player controller is complete, with basic movement as well as double jumping. Also we’re developing an enemy AI behaviour system so that our world will have characters and objects that will interact with our player. This AI system contains enemy pathfinding and walking routes for now. We have decided to develop a vertical slice in the time frame we have. This section of the game will contain some player abilities, a couple of enemies, and a showcase of the different environments we have in mind for the final game. We would like the player to be able to move around in a fun way, to fight, to collect items and to unlock areas. Our showcase will be linear unlike the vision for the final game.


For videos, images and references, please click on the link

Game Images

Main Character

Jump Animation 1

One of the attack Animation

Running Animation

Jump Animation 2

Player Collision Capsule