Gaming Academy


Dr. Wassim El-Hajj is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the American University of Beirut (AUB). He received his BS degree from AUB in 2000, and the MS and Ph.D. degrees in 2002 and 2006, respectively, from Western Michigan University (WMU), all in Computer Science.

Wassim El Hajj (AUB)

Tariq Mehmood teaches at AUB. He is an award-winning novelist and filmmaker. His latest You’re Not Proper (2018) is set against the backdrop of the Afghan war. He co-directed the groundbreaking documentary Injustice (2001), about deaths in UK police custody. It’s follow-on, Ultraviolence (2020) has won multiple awards.

Tariq Mehmood Ali (AUB)

Ashraf is a game developer at Falafel Games and one of the main organizers at Khaddit Beirut’s Gaming Academy. He’s involved himself in other game related events, such as the Arabic Games Conference and multiple game jams. He helps run the Animal Encounter and likes ducks.

Ashraf Abi Said (Falafel Games)

Ali-Usama completed his undergraduate in Psychology at AUB and is currently enrolled in the Media Studies graduate program there. Ali-Usama is one of the early conceptual founders of the Gaming Academy and remains as one of its organizers throughout the project’s duration. His hobbies include playing video games, writing, and listening to Jazz Rap.

Ali Usama Zreik (Game Analyst)

Razane is a computer science engineering student at AUB, and currently the president of the game development and eSports club there. She enjoys music, helping others, and playing with her dog Vodka.

Razane Hishi (President of AUB Gamedev&eSports club)


Carl Farra (Sorare)

Khaled Abdel Rahman (Unity)

Souha Al Samarki (Turant Pixel)

Nuha Al Kadi (Ubisoft)

Daniel Haddad (Blizzard)

Malek Teffaha (Ubisoft)


Layal Fakih (Kamkalima)

Iyad Hout (Mohawk Games)

Ashraf Abi Said (Falafel Games)

Nazih Fares (4 Winds Entertainment)

Nassib Azar (Ubisoft)


Game Design

Nourhan Elshereif (Instinct Games)

Khaled Abdel Rahman (Unity)

Unreal Engine

Giuseppe Boschiero (Kreationware Studios)

Joseph Azzam (Epic Games)

Unity Engine

Ashraf Abi Said (Falafel Games)


Jenna Yow (Soft now Weak)

2D Animation

Alaa Fleifel (Freelancer)

3D Modeling

Rawad Sarkis (Monty Mobile)

Music and Sound

Ezzat Chebaro (Music Producer & Game Dev)

Adnan Jabbado (Shadow Pheonix Interactive)

Local Representation

Tariq Mehmood Ali (AUB)

Ali Usama Zreik (Game Analyst)