Who We Are

Community Health is one of the 4 impact initiatives under Khaddit Beirut. We are a group of local and international doctors, nurses, and professors who came together to respond to the needs of people in both chronic and mental health.





Community Health seeks to contribute to highlighting the following major problems in the recovery process:

  • Individuals in the affected community need help, thus why they should connect to PHCs to register and receive comprehensive range of services
  • People in need might not be able to pay for registration and consultation fees, thus the subsidy and access to PHCs should be facilitated.
  • Need for a capacity building for health care workers in PHCs to ensure evidence-based practice in coordination with MOPH.
  • Medication cannot be provided without a prescription, thus a need for PHCs to renew prescription.
  • Lebanon will have a surplus of medications donated by various countries/or iNGOs that is dangerous, all support for healthcare should go through proper channels.






  • Partner with selected Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCs) by providing expertise and resources to cater towards patients with chronic illnesses.
  • Create a community-led model of providing healthcare for health promotion and disease prevention to engage people in improving their quality of life.
  • Provide accessible mental health services by coordinating with governmental and non-governmental stakeholders.
  • Launch an Emergency Response Plan supported by the Lebanese Medical Associations and members of the diaspora.
  • Provide periodic data analytics on health needs and reliable healthcare organizations.





Develop a community-based and people-centric strategy to ensure that everyone receives the healthcare and support they need, when they need it.