Community Health

Our mission is to develop a community-based and people-centric strategy to ensure that everyone receives the healthcare and support they need, when they need it.

Our action goals therefore are to:

  • Partner with selected Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCs) by providing expertise and resources to cater towards patients with chronic illnesses.
  • Create a community-led model of providing healthcare and preventive medicine to engage people in improving their quality of life.
  • Provide accessible mental health services by coordinating with governmental and non-governmental stakeholders.
  • Launch an Emergency Response Plan supported by the Lebanese Medical Associations and members of the diaspora.

Provide periodic data analytics on health needs and reliable healthcare organizations.

Community Health Focal Area Lead: Dr. Nuhad Yazbik-Dumit


Team members:

  • Gladys Honein
  • Angela Massouh
  • Joseph El Khoury
  • Georgine Nouaime
  • Rita Tohme
  • Sasha Fahme
  • Evelyne Hitti
  • Maya Romani

Completed milestones

  • Connected with selected Primary Health Care centers to coordinate patient care for patients with chronic illness, providing expert guidance and helping build capacity.
  • Launched a survey for people’s needs and the capacities of PHCs to respond to the disaster.
  • Secured funding for a mobile health clinic thanks to Impact Lebanon.
  • Launched mental health care support




  • Medication cannot be provided without a prescription, to renew prescription go to the nearest PHC, check the map here:
  • Lebanon will have a surplus of medications that is dangerous, all support for healthcare should go through proper channels.
  • Connecting individuals living in the affected community with PHCs to register and receive comprehensive range of services
  • Facilitating access to PHCs by subsidizing registration and consultation fees for those in need
  • Capacity building for health care workers in PHCs to ensure evidence-based practice in coordination with MOPH.

Community Health

Dr. Nuhad Yazbik-Dumit

Nuhad is an associate professor at the School of Nursing at the American University of Beirut. She is the coordinator of the Continuing Education and Off-Shore Programs at the School. Dumit plans and organizes continuing education programs, courses, and workshops for healthcare professionals from nurses to non-nursing faculty. She was the President of the Order of Nurses in Lebanon from the year 2015 to 2018 where she had several honors and awards from national and international levels.


Team members

Dr. Gladys Honein

Gladys is an Assistant Professor at the School of Nursing at the American University of Beirut. She performs research in Nursing Science, Public Health, and Primary Care. Her most recent publication is “Perceived impact of community kitchens on the food security of Syrian refugees and kitchen workers in Lebanon: Qualitative evidence in a displacement context”. Honein has a great expertise in regression and thematic analysis, time series analysis, and grounded theory analysis.

Dr. Angela Massouh

Angela is an Assistant Professor and Heart Failure Clinical Nurse Specialist at the American University of Beirut – Medical Center. She is the President of the Sigma Theta Tau Chi Iota Chapter. She won the Distinguished PhD Dissetation Award in 2017 because of her research which examined the Determinants of Self-Care in a Sample of Lebanese Patients with Heart Failure. Her interest in this area is driven by the need to narrow down the gap between research, theory and clinical practice.

Dr. Joseph El Khoury

Joseph is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychiatry at the American University of Beirut. He is founding director of the psychosis recovery outreach program (PROP) and the director of the psychiatry residency training program. El Khoury directs the newly created Psychosis Recovery Outreach Program and he is responsible for the residency training program at AUB. He also acts as the Global Mental Health Scholar for the Arab region for a joint program by Columbia University and the World Health Organization.

Dr. Georgina Nouaime

Georgina is a Hospital Medicine Specialist in New Bedford. She completed a residency at Jacobi Medical Center and has over 24 years of experience. She is board certified in Internal Medicine and currently is affiliated with Charlton Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Rita Tohme

Rita is a research professional with PhD in Molecular Medicine. She has a robust academic background with a commitment to positively impact higher education at a national, state, and regional levels. She is motivated and innovative thinker with expertise in team leader and project manager.

Dr. Sasha Fahme

Sasha is a hospitalist who cares for hospitalized patients only and does not have her own outpatient practices. She is interested in global health, non-communicable diseases and syndemics in resource-limited settings, and refugee health.

Dr. Evelyne Hitti

Evelyne is an Associate Professor of Clinical Specialty and current Interim Chairperson in the Department of Emergency Medicine. Her administrative and research work has focus on acute allergic reactions, ED management, and lean and six stigmas. She received the Dr. Cristina Costin International Emergency Medicine Award at the IXth Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress (MEMC) in Lisbon, Portugal. Hitti also received an international award for her long-standing and profound impact on international emergency medicine.

Dr. Maya Romani

Maya is an assistant professor of clinical family medicine at the American University of Beirut. She is currently the director of the AUB health and wellness center and the associate director of family medicine residency program. Romani is also a specialist in tobacco treatment and corporate wellness. Her main focus in her research articles is on worksite wellness, integrative health, burnout, and smoking cessation.