Who We Are

Education is one of the 4 impact initiatives under Khaddit Beirut. We are a group of local and international experts, professors, graduate students and activists who came together to ensure a better education system for our future generation by improving this sector through consultancy, trainings, and developments.





Education seeks to contribute to address the following major issues in the recovery process:

  • Aid agencies have been setting the agendas for development in the education sector from a project management/ relief work mind set.
  • Government agencies (MEHE, CERD, DOPS) in charge of the sector lack a coherent scientifically grounded strategic vision to guide and coordinate relief and development efforts.
  • Civil society organizations and NGOs engaged in the education sector relief work lack adequate expertise in education in emergencies and are not regulated for quality control.
  • Key stake holders, especially school-based educators in both public and private schools have limited say over the support they receive or the design of the initiatives they are asked to implement.







  • Contribute and influence the development of customized quality criteria based on educational best practices and case studies,
  • Help assess the needs, identify gaps, and provide solutions to schools on the short-term and long-term.
  • Map and document existing resources and initiatives to facilitate efficient coordination among multiple networks and stakeholders.






Enable and support educational leaders, teachers, students and parents with resources, and the know-how needed to provide an environment conducive to learning in a disaster-stricken context.