Our mission is to enable and support educational leaders, teachers, students and parents with resources, and the know-how needed to provide an environment conducive to learning in a disaster-stricken context.


Our action goals therefore are to:

  • Contribute and influence the development of customized quality criteria based on educational best practices and case studies,
  • Help assess the needs, identify gaps, and provide solutions to schools on the short-term and long-term.
  • Map and document existing resources and initiatives to facilitate efficient coordination among multiple networks and stakeholders.

Completed milestones

  • Designed a framework for educational institutions and leaders following disaster that identify the domains that requires urgent attention.
  • Partnered with educational experts, associations and institutions working on initiatives to support schools through training and coaching of teachers, parents and students.
  • Mobilized volunteers through partnering with a network of graduate students from eight universities across Lebanon.
  • Connected with experts compiling data and studies on school needs and potential solutions in disaster context
  • Formed advocacy team to communicate with decision makers at the ministry and major agencies historically involved in supporting the sector.


Funding needs per domain:

  • School supplies and building restoration cost
  • Teachers salary adjustments (avoid attrition and large class sizes)
  • Students Tuition
  • Students Tutors
  • Students well-being activities/ experts / programs
  • Expert trainers and coaches
  • Experts cost for research and design for policy recommendations

Focal Area Leads: Dr. Rima Karami Akkary

Team members:

  • Suzanne Abdel Reda (Lebanese Association for Educational Studies)
  • Tamer El Amine ( Chair-Education Department AUB)
  • Julia Mahfouz
  • Salwa El Ali ( Graduate Education Students Network- GESN)
  • Basma Faour (Connect and rebuild Education in Lebanon- CARE Leb)

Dr. Rima Karami Akkary

Rima is an Associate Professor of Educational Administration, Policy and Leadership in the department of Education at the American University of Beirut. She is also the program advisor for the Educational Management and Leadership program. Karami is the director and the principal investigator of the TAMAM project launched in 2007 to initiate school-based reform and research on how to build leadership skills for sustainable schools. She has many published journals related to professional development, principal role, and models for school-based reform.

Dr. Tamer Amin

Tamer is an Associate Professor of Science Education and the Chair of the Department of Education at the American University of Beirut. He is also a member of the Science and Mathematics Education Center. His main focus in his research papers are conceptual change, metaphor embodied, cognition multilingualism, and science education.

Ms. Rola Katerji

Rola has a long diversified experience in the educational sector. She is a specialist in educational management and leadership. In 2010 she joined the TAMAM Project and currently she is the Project Manager of TAMAM. Katerji was the head of the Lebanese International School board with several years of experience in volunteer work, and NGOs.

Dr. Suzanne Bourjeili

Dr. Yara Hilal

Yara is a visitng Assistant Professor in the Department of Education at the American University of Beirut. Hilal’s main focus is on educational leadership, teacher leadership, and professional learning in schools.

Dr. Lina Khalil

Lina is an Assistant Professor at the Education Department in the American University of Beirut. Her research mainly focuses on educational leadership and management, international education, and intercultural learning. She was a science teacher for 9 years in the beginning of her career, then she moved to being a deputy principal, until she persued her PhD and became a Professor at AUB.