Who We Are

Environmental Health is one of the 4 impact initiatives under Khaddit Beirut. We are a group of local and international experts, professors, and activists who came together to ensure people’s safety and protect them from environmental hazards.





Environmental Health seeks to contribute through the following major issues in the recovery process:

  • Absence of safety recommendation during and the aftermath of the disasters
  • Need a cohort study to assess the health repercussions of the blast
  • Absence of environmental monitoring mechanisms
  • Lack of awareness materials related to occupational and public health during reconstruction






  • Identify, assess, and monitor potential environmental hazards.
  • Identify populations at the highest risk (e.g., civil defense, volunteers, relief workers).
  • Develop and implement preventive and cautionary measures.
  • Ensure safe and proper disposal of rubble and all waste (glass, wood, metal)
  • Ensure safe handling and proper disposal of hazardous chemicals
  • Develop the foundations for a National Disaster Management plan.





Minimize people’s exposure to environmental hazards, dispose safely of chemicals and waste, and draw lessons towards a national disaster management plan.