Who We Are

Small to Medium Enterprises is one of the 4 impact initiatives under Khaddit Beirut. We are a group of local and international experts, professors, and business owners who came together to rebuild and support the growth of businesses to eventually lead to the growth of the economy and the sustainability of the community as a whole.





SME seeks to contribute through the following major issues in the recovery process:

  • Rebuilding inclusively SMEs affected by the Beirut Blast
  • Ensuring sustainability of SMES beyond the initial reconstruction phase






  • Assess the needs and fundraise to offer immediate support for short-term needs of local businesses

  • Develop a plan for the recovery phase consisting of channeling donations/funds and offering expertise and technical support

  • Work with the different stakeholders to ensure a more inclusive and sustainable rebuilding of the SMEs in the affected areas

  • Propose and lobby for policies to ensure sustainability of SMEs beyond the initial reconstruction phase






Support the economic recovery of SMEs that were impacted by the Beirut explosion and make sure they are rebuilt in a better way that includes inclusiveness and sustainability.