Who We Are

The Education Impact Initiative team is a group of local and international educational experts, community members, and activists working in partnership with school-based educators to transform schools into spaces for learning for both teachers and students. Our goal is to enable all students to grow to their fullest potential, while attending to their well-being, and become successful and skillful adults actively engaged in serving their community. Our interventions are based on an agile, evidence-based, inclusive, and holistic approach that is informed by local needs, is accountable to people and focused on sustainable solutions.

             Our Vision

       How We Work


  • Established Partnerships with six Public Schools

  • Established KHBEd Community School Support Hub:

    1. Mobilized 60 local and international educational experts as volunteers

    2. Established partnerships with 8 educational entities (institutions/associations /NGOs/initiatives)

    3. Established a documentation protocol

    4. Mobilized 60 local and international educational experts as volunteers

    5. Establish guidelines to be followed by individuals/ groups developing an intervention

     Team Members



  • GESN collecting background info (Stephanie Jureidini, Siline Itani, Salwa Ali, Shaghig Chaparian)

  • GESN establishing partnerships with the schools (Stephanie Jureidini, Salwa Ali)

  • Launched Their Right to Learn (Celine Al Nemer)

  • AUB Department Webinars (Dr. Karma El-Hassan, Dr.  Lara El Khatib, Dr. Sahar Alameh, Dr. Saad Shehab, Dr. Enja Osman)

  • TAMAM & NCC adopted a school (Diana Sarieddine, Connor Kanso)

  • Musharaka adopted a school (Dr. Rola Koubeissy and Nidal Sleiman)

  • Microsoft Teams Training (Mirna Reslan)

  • KHBEd Wonderland Intervention (Fahd Jamaleddine, Farah Mouhanna , Shaghig Chaparian)

  • IT Visits for enhancing Internet connectivity (Dr. Wassim El Hajj)

  • Developing guidelines for disseminating and publishing lessons learnt (Dr. Julia Mahfouz and Salwa Ali)

  • Principal leadership coaching intervention (Dr. Jinan Shayya)

         Our Partners