Communication Team

"I have joined KB following the blast of Aug’20 as I felt a desperate urge to change the status quo we were living in, which had started, for me, much earlier, really, with the Garbage crisis. I joined forces with a group of colleagues I trust and love to work with, with the conviction that together we will."

Lina Tannir

"On the afternoon of August 4th, I realized that I can no longer stand still and that I have a much bigger role to play. At Khaddit Beirut, I recognized that we are shaping the lives of Lebanese, and we know it’s a long process, however, we will get there!"

Rima Esho

"I had a desire to help my country, a sense of honing my skills and some free time. So, I chose and joined Khaddit Beirut. KB's approach is very 'optimistically realistic' and I can relate to that."

Rami Amhaz (Old team member)

"When shook to the core we look for kinship. Against the pain of August 2020, Khaddit Beirut granted us faith in collective synergy. As an educator, I work daily on building community among learners; no growth gets accomplished without mutual support, trust, diligence, and a sense of common purpose."

Bassima El Masri