Community Health Team

"I joined KB because of the dedicated credible people leading it. KB vision is the closest to my beliefs and KB platform provided me with the opportunity to practice what I believe in and what I am good at. KB is an interdisciplinary school of community-driven and evidence-based service."

Nuhad Yazbik Dumit

"When August 4 blast happened, my immediate desire was to help my fellow citizens and Khaddit Beirut helped me realize it. A year after, my desire shifted to breaking the cycle of favoritism and clientelism through activism."

Gladys Honein-AbouHaidar

"I chose to join Khaddit Beirut's efforts to build a comprehensive community health model to support the existing services of primary health care centers, to serve the needy, and to engage people in improving their quality of life as a family doctor and lifestyle medicine specialist whose life purpose is to serve others."

Maya Romani

"I joined Khaddit Beirut because I am a true believer in our collective vision and work as professionals and academicians to help change the current status quo in this beleaguered country. As dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Balamand, I am proud to be a member of this avant garde group, have learned a lot about constructive activism, and honored to have contributed in a limited way to the work of Khaddit Beirut."

Huda Huijer

"I joined Khaddit Beirut because it echoed my vision of our role in life: Make the work a better place to live in for us and generations after."

Jinan Usta

"Khaddit Beirut is a platform where Lebanese experts join forces to not only serve people but to help them conceptualize solutions then set them on the track to reach their goals. My background in nursing and research ethics pulled me to work with experts in Khaddit Beirut, hoping that somehow my minute contribution will touch people’s lives."

Abeer Dakik

Angala Massouh

"I choose Khadditt Beirut because the work it does builds communities, including healthcare communities which is my area of expertise."

Georgina Nouaime

"Khaddit Beirut represents a gateway for people that want to use their expertise to move the needle forward in Lebanon. It allows me to put my background in medical & molecular research to good use and benefit the community."

Rita Tohme

Eveline Hitti

Rassil Ghazzaoui