Data Analytics and Informatics Team

"Right after the devastation caused by the Beirut Port blast, I felt the need and urgency to offer assistance in any way possible. Khaddit Beirut was the perfect platform for contribution where I am able to help the people and also introduce some change to the current status quo."

Wassim El Hajj

"When I heard about the concept of the Gaming Academy - teaching people to make games and pioneering Lebanese gaming projects - I was immediately on board, especially since I was a game developer with a love for education and helping people create their dream game."

Ashraf Abi Said

"Joining Khaddit Beirut was never a question! From day one, we shared a similar goal, to raise the quality of life for Lebanese citizens after the tragic crises of the last two years."

Ali Zreik (Old team member)

"I volunteered to help the people of Beirut after the August 4, 2020 blast. Seeing this amount of destruction is really painful. Thus, I joined Khaddit Beirut team to help my people overcome these situations and rise again."

Marwa Makarem

"I began my journey at Khaddit Beirut as an undergraduate web developer volunteer in hopes of giving back to my community, collaborating with others, and improving my personal and technical abilities. This activity will continue to provide me with the motivation I need to thrive, excel and benefit others."

Omar Al Jazzar (Old team member)

Anas El Amine (Old team member)