Documentation Team

"When shook to the core we look for kinship. Against the pain of August 2020, Khaddit Beirut granted us faith in collective synergy. As an educator, I work daily on building community among learners; no growth gets accomplished without mutual support, trust, diligence, and a sense of common purpose."

Bassima El Masri

"Amidst the failures and tragedies of our system, I was looking for like-minded people to respond to despair and to show that another – better – way was possible. KB’s work in responding to crises and fostering social justice inspired me to join hands with their inclusive, participatory and evidence-based mission.”

Dima Smaira

"The fulfilling feeling of contributing to one's community might look like a cliché; yet, when I heard Khaddit Beirut people describe passionately their work, I realized that I want to join hands with them and work collectively to shape our society. As a sociologist, I knew that we need to become all agents of change!"

Dina Hakim Agha