Education Team

Steering Team

"I am in Khaddit Beirut Education to be part of a community of activist educators dedicated to making a difference, driven by a vision of hope and possibilities, and engaged in building the future educational system the children of this country must have."

Rima Karami Akkary

Suzanne Abdel-Reda Abou-Rjeili

"Margaret Mead, an anthropologist said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Khaddit Beirut exemplifies that group. I trust that this group can make use of my rich professional experience in education research and community service."

Basma Faour

"I needed a place to channel my anger, frustration, grief, and disgust into compassionate service to my Lebanon especially to the communities affected by the senseless blast. Khaddit Beirut was the perfect hub for me to actively volunteer my time and expertise to make a positive contribution to the educational initiative."

Julia Mahfouz

Mounifa Assaf Hakam

"Joining Khaddit Beirut’s Education Team allowed me to work along experts in the field to support and empower schools to facilitate teaching experiences for meaningful learning despite all the challenges we’re facing."

Salwa Ali

"I joined Khaddit Beirut because I identify with its mission, values and community of like-minded people. The education initiative provides me with the opportunity to use my expertise in school improvement and contribute to educational reform in Lebanon."

Stephanie Jurdeini

Feyrouz Salameh

Advisory Team

"I joined Khaddit Beirut because Lebanese schools can no longer afford to operate in a leadership vacuum and this initiative offers a way for all those concerned about education in Lebanon to contribute what they can in a coordinated way."

Tamer Amin (AUB)

Lina Khalil

Diana Sarieddine (TAMAM)

"In a country that is devastated by its malfunctioning institutions, collaborative community efforts can be the only hope. I joined Khaddit Beirut because I believe that working together can be more promising than individual ideas and can bring forward a lot of innovation, action, and impact."

Nidal Sleiman (Musharaka)

"This is to contribute to communities of practice that have the potential to make a change within the educational practices in schools. My area of research focuses on teachers’ professional development and their interventions in a multi-ethnic context as well as inclusive and intercultural education."

Rola Kobeissi (Musharaka)

"Mmkn’s quote for this year “Keep students at school”. Eleven years ago MMKN initiated the public school program to help minimize drop out mainly in grades 8 and 9. Our program is based on volunteers from prominent universities giving reinforcement sessions in Sciences and Math. We believe that our joined efforts with Khaddit Beirut can really improve the education system in our public schools."

Ghada Feghali (MMKN)

Yara Hilal (LAES)

"Khaddit Beirut provided a space enabling expats, like myself, to contribute to our beloved Beirut, within our field of interest, in my case, peacebuilding citizenship education. The efforts and dedication, exhibited by members of the KB family, are an impetus sustaining my dreams in a better future for Lebanon."

Rim Fathallah (justCare)

Emma Ghosn (justCare)

Paul Said (GESN)

Rima Ghosn Muakassa (Funding)

"In the midst of all the shattered glass, the crying moms, the scarred kids, the rising death toll, the rubbles, the pain and the misery, Khaddit Beirut was the light at the end of the tunnel. A float I hung up to, to keep on believing in us and in our Lebanon."

Mirna Raslan