Environmental Health Team

"Khaddit Beirut emerged as a breath of fresh air in the face of a criminal act that robbed us of our dignity. It offered a platform for scientific exchange, action, and advocacy against this madness, for the singular aim of improving people’s life and wellbeing, and giving us hope."

Iman Nuwayhid

"I joined Khaddit Beirut to engage with colleagues and experts in understanding the environmental problems facing us. I am part of the Environmental Health initiative of Khaddit Beirut; my interest is to intervene and protect people’s health, safety and wellbeing in the wake of the environmental disasters surrounding us."

Rima Habib

"I love Khaddit Beirut because it connected me with a group of people who share similar values and who are willing to give it all to create a sustainable solution to the problems we are facing. We all understand that it is going to take time and we are ready for it."

Najat A. Saliba

Nathalie Hayeck

Nada Melhem

Lillian Ghandour

"I decided to join khaddit beirut because I wanted to do something beneficial for beirut after the blast. I saw Dr. Saliba launching "Khaddit Beirut" on MTV. Therefore, I decided, as a biochemist and ISO auditor, to be part of this initiative. My contribution turned my anger and disappointment with my government into an act of patriotism for Lebanon."

Rania Chahoud

"Lebanon is a land of freedom and prosperity, and this is how we want it to be. They can never stop us, and we know it will not be an easy task. Together we can rebuild and recover. The future is ours and justice will prevail."

Rana Dubeissy