Secretariat Team

"I started Khaddit Beirut with partners who share a common vision of a better Lebanon, one where we can all live in with dignity and peace. We want to build a beloved country with decent education and health systems, a fair judicial system, and long-lasting solutions."

Fadi El Khatib

"I love Khaddit Beirut because it connected me with a group of people who share similar values and who are willing to give it all to create a sustainable solution to the problems we are facing. We all understand that it is going to take time and we are ready for it."

Najat A. Saliba

"I have joined KB following the blast of Aug’20 as I felt a desperate urge to change the status quo we were living in, which had started, for me, much earlier, really, with the Garbage crisis. I joined forces with a group of colleagues I trust and love to work with, with the conviction that together we will."

Lina Tannir

"Khaddit Beirut is an opportunity to connect deeply with the need of our immediate community in a sensible way. It is so gratifying when we leverage our compounded interdisciplinary expertise, knowledge, network for one common purpose. Open-mindedness, inclusion, patience and commitment to quality marry creativity, innovation and solutions’ co-creation."

Fida Kanaan

"Right when I was losing hope in myself and the country, Khaddit Beirut came as a rescue. I held this glimmer of hope very tight as I knew a new path was being paved for Lebanon. One that is filled with unity, growth, and positivity for a better future we all dream of."

Celine Al Nemer