Leadership Coach

A leadership coach is an essential pillar in coordinating all efforts to transform schools into spaces for growth and learning supported by its community. This person will identify the needs of the schools and coordinate with the Education team at Khaddit Beirut to satisfy their needs.

Please choose one of the following options you would like to donate for:

Support to improve education in Lebanon: with your $1,500 donation you can help a coach to supervise the schools and fulfil their needs. This way you provide our students with the resources they need to maintain an optimal and exceptional learning environment.

Gather a group of 3 people and donate $500 each to provide the coach with the needed material to help the schools. We will start with 5 schools in January.

Educational Material

With the current economic crisis, stationary equipment and educational devices became unaffordable to students, leaving them without access to proper education.

Please choose one of the following options you would like to donate for:

Donate $1000 and empower students to have access to the necessary educational materials they need to engage in impactful learning.

Gather a group of 5 friends and donate $200 each to secure the necessary materials to allow access and support the learning journeys for all students.

School-Led Improvement Initiatives

Schools are the second home for children and it is necessary to have the financial means to support continuous school improvement to build and maintain a distinctive learning community for all learners. It is important to have a school led-improvement fund for concerted support of materials (i.e. furniture, food…) and trainings from experts in different areas.

With your impactful contribution of $200 or $1000, you will help trigger the change needed for building a community school that offer quality education for all kids, to secure them a brighter future.