Why صُحْتن بالدّني

Access to healthcare services is a basic human right. Everyone in Lebanon, regardless of income, nationality, education, or gender should have access to high quality healthcare. We started an international movement that developed a systematic and inclusive roadmap to improve community health. We worked for four months in the Karantina area with families, young and old, to identify their health care needs and gaps in the healthcare system. In partnership with the Ministry of Public Health, we are introducing comprehensive, evidence based, and affordable services to the Karantina primary health care. “Community Right to Health” صحتن بالدني is a fundraising campaign where proceeds will go to resources in the Karantina clinic. These include medical supplies and honorariums for community health agents, from all ages volunteering to manage the needs of a community in crisis. The Karantina community clinic will not only cater to immediate needs but build a long-lasting foundation for preventative healthcare and accessible medical services.


If you would like to make donations to the initiative « صُحْتن بالدّني » "Community Right to Health" without joining the virtual event, please feel free to check this link: https://giving.aub.edu.lb/KhadditBEI and select “Community Health” as the initiative you will be donating to, or pass by the Protection office at AUB Main Gate anytime to deposit your cash donation.

Lead a session

Do you have ساعتين لبيروت and want to donate your time for the Karantina clinic? Propose a recipe, a time and a date. Fill out the form https://khadditbeirut.com/contact-us/ and our team will reach out and help you with promotional material, zoom link, and advertising the session!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on our email khadda@aub.edu.lb or our phone number +96181328511.