Lebanon’s social and economic decline is unprecedented. As Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) represent 95% of businesses in Lebanon and are responsible of 50% of employment, they are considered as the backbone of the economy and are in need of support. The KB SME Impact Initiative is working to co-create evidence based, sustainable, inclusive business environment that strengthens our social fabric and meets our aspirations for a better Lebanon.


In phase (I) the SME Impact Initiative teamed up with several organizations to assess the damages, evaluate the needs and help in rebuilding the businesses that were affected by the Beirut blast.


In phase (II) the SME Impact Initiative designed long term initiatives to support the private sector. An executive education program consisting of a series of webinars targeting different topics, was developed to support local SMEs to face the economic challenges, sustain, and expand their businesses beyond the Lebanese borders.



Phase I: Rebuilding Better

Phase II: Forging New Horizons for SMEs & Restaurants from Lebanon

  1. Following the Beirut blast, Khaddit Beirut partnered with Backbone initiative who assessed more than 120 SMEs employing 1,600 employees in the affected areas of  Mar Mikhael, Gemmayze and Karantina.
  2. In partnership with 15 organizations, we supported 40 SMEs in rebuilding and sustaining their business
  1. Worked with a group of volunteers from the diaspora and the executive education team in OSB-AUB to build a training and support program for SMEs from the F&B industry. This was done following a needs assessment in the wake of the challenges the organizations are facing. This program, consisting of 6 webinars, helped in recognizing local opportunities and opening international markets as well.


Khaddit Beirut- SME Impact Initiative, has been selected as a highlight of AACSB’s 2021 Innovations That Inspire!


This is an annual initiative that recognizes institutions from around the world serving as champions of change in the business landscape and contributing to positive societal impact.
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