Why حقن يتعلّموا

Accessible, equal, and quality education are basic human rights that should be given to all students with no exceptions. In a country like Lebanon facing never-ending challenges, education needs to remain a beam of light, hope and an initiator of positive change to come. Unfortunately, the current economic and health crisis has heavily impacted the education sector in Lebanon and especially public schools which are in dire needs of electronic devices to continue teaching their students in the most efficient ways possible.

Their Right to Learn «حقن يتعلّموا» was initiated as an immediate response to the rising need for devices in the schools. We aim to collect monetary donations and electronics such as laptops, desktops, and tablets for our 6 partner public schools to be lent in the immediate term for teachers and students with a future goal of establishing a STEM lab.

Aside from responding to current schools’ requests, Their Right to Learn «حقن يتعلّموا» plans to establish a long-lasting cooperation bridge between schools and donor groups, through which the schools will be encouraged to assess and communicate their needs.

Our Brochure and Mission

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How You Can Help

You can make a change by joining forces with Their Right to Learn «حقن يتعلّموا» to secure at least 300 devices for students and teachers in need. These devices will be supported with internet subscription as well as the basic software and programs the students and teachers need to continue the school year by either:

  1. Contributing with Monetary Donations through the following link (which will be used to purchase electronic devices with Internet subscription for teachers and students)

  2. OR

  3. Contributing through your In-kind Donations of devices by giving us a call on +96181328511, sending us an email to: khadda@aub.edu.lb, or filling the following digital survey

Join hands with us on this mission to secure Their Right to Lean, and guarantee that all school students have equal chances to build the set of skills necessary for their future. If you would like to have more information or get in contact with Khaddit Beirut or Their Right to Learn «حقن يتعلّموا» members, feel free to call us or send us an email with your inquiry.