Who We Are

The explosion on August 4th, 2020 in one moment was a huge wake up call that we were living near a ticking time bomb for 30 years. The epitome of negligence and corruption took away the lives of 200 people, wounded 6,000, and rendered 300,000 people homeless.

The nature, timing, and extent of the bombing and its implications are unprecedented in human history. We have no guide-book or roadmap to adopt or import.
We have to build it ourselves.

Khaddit Beirut is a national grassroots initiative that was launched the day after the explosion. We are a group of activists and experts who came together to develop a community-led, evidence-based, and locally-driven roadmap for recovery.

Khaddit Beirut connects experts to grassroots movements and citizens in order to develop a concrete and achievable roadmap in the focal areas of: health, environmental health, education, and local industry. We are scholar-activists, artists, medical doctors, and business owners, citizens who deserve to live and breathe. Our roadmap will be developed based on best practices from around the world and lessons drawn from our own post-war context.